The primary purpose of the Danum Valley Field Center is to serve as a base for the researchers and scientists that conduct their studies on the fauna and flora of the forest. As a travel company that is committed to giving back and supporting the conservation and research efforts at the Field Center the Sticky Rice Travel guides collect basic data on wildlife sightings when they are out searching with our clients.

You too can get involved with data collection during your stay at the Danum Valley Field Center. Citizen science of this nature gives you the opportunity to contribute towards important research and gain a deeper understanding of the forest ecology and learn about local environmental issues.

By contributing towards the existing data and research being undertaken at the Danum Valley Conservation Area we hope to maximise the data collection efforts so that the researchers and the scientific community can better understand this ancient ecosystem.

Wildlife Sightings Danum Valley

14/3/202012:00:00 AM30mNext to Resthouse 11Red-leaf Monkey
9/3/20208.00amDinning hallRed leaf monkeySecondary forest
9/3/20208.00am300mEast TrailPrevost SquirrelSecondary forest
9/3/20207.30am280mEast TrailBornean Striped Palm CivetSecondary Forest
9/3/20206.40 am250mEast TrailBear Cat BinturongSecondary forest
9/3/20206.30am200mEast TrailNorth Bornean GibbonSecondary forest
8/3/20206.00pm200mWatching Flying SquirrelFlying SquirrelSecondary forest
8/3/20201.30am200mNature TrailRed leaf monkeyPrimary forest
8/3/20206.30am300mEast TrailNorth Bornean GibbonSecondary forest, Campsite
7/3/20209.50am1kmPitta and Kokang TrailRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest
7/3/20206.40am300mEast TrailProvest SquirrelSecondary forest
7/3/20206.30am300mEast TrailNorth Bornean GibbonSecondary forest
6/3/20209.30am200mCampsiteProvest SquirrelSecondary forest
6/3/20208.45am300mRoadGiant SquirrelSecondary forest
6/3/20208.30am300mRoadRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest
6/3/20206.30am200mEast TrailNorth Bornean GibbonSecondary forest
5/3/20208:00:00 PM400mRoadMalay CivetSecondary forest
5/3/20205:00:00 PM300West TrailOrangutanPrimary forest
4/3/20201.15pm100mOrkid TrailOrangutanSecondary forest
4/3/202010.30am100mNature TrailNorth Bornean GibbonPrimary forest
3/3/20204.30 pm400mPurut TrailColugoPrimary forest
3/3/20203:00:00 PM300mPurut TrailOrangutanPrimary forest
3/3/202011:00:00 AM80mNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest
3/3/20206.15am300mWest TrailOrangutanPrimary forest
2/3/20204.15pm500mPurut TrailRed Leaf MonkeyPrimary forest
5/2/20204:21:00 PM700MEast HostelRed-leaf monkeyRelax : eating
4/2/20208:30OPMOrchid TrailMouse deer
4/2/20204:00:00 PM150MNature TrailGiant SquirrelResting
4/2/20203.30OPM100MNature TrailPrevost' SquirrelFeeding Fruit Fig
4/2/20209.45AM90MCamping site areaColugoResting
4/2/20209.00AM100mCamping siteNort Bornean GibbonCalling
4/2/20208.30AM50MDVFC CentreRed Leaf MonkeyEating/Moving
2/2/20208:41:00 PMTiang no. 1Slow lorisMoving on brance
2/2/20205.00pm800mRoadJenting's squirrelMoving on branches
2/2/20204.15pm1.1kmRoadOrangutanMaking Nest
2/2/20204.10pm1kmRoadRed Leaf MonkeyCrossing the road
2/2/20209.00am1290mEast TrailPrevost' SquirrelRunniing on the branches
2/2/20208.50am100mEast TrailBornean GibbonMoving or swinging from tree to tree
12/1/20208.45pm200mEast TrailMouse Deer (Greater)Resting
12/1/20208.00pm100mEast TrailBanded Palm CivetLooking for Food
12/1/20208.32am200mRhino PoolRed Leaf MonkeyMoving from tree to tress
12/1/20208.30am200mRhino PoolOrangutan

Photo credit: Dean Jais
Resting on the branch
11/1/20204.35pm200mPurut TrailPrevost's SquirrelMoving from tree to tree
11/1/20209.15am300mAdventure TrailRed Leaf Monkey

Photo credit: Razis Nasri
Looking transmit/eating flower
11/1/20208.18am200mCamping GroundNorth Bornean GibbonPlaying and moving from tree to tree
10/1/20208.45am400mEast TrailMalay CivetCrossing the trail
10/1/20208.45pm280mEast TrailMouse DeerResting
10/1/20208.35pm200mEast TrailWestern TarsierHunting
10/1/20208.00pm150mEast TrailLeopard CatHunting
10/1/20205.20on315mWest TrailOrangutanEating Fig Fruit
10/1/20204.30pm100mMain RoadLong tailed maccaqueEating young leaves
10/1/20203.30pm200mEast TrailPrevost's SquirrelMoving on tree
16/12/20198.45amMain RoadRhinocerous HornbillPerching and moving
16/12/20197.30amNear ResthouseRed Leaf MonkeyFeeding
15/12/20199.30pmMain RoadSambar DeerFeeding
15/12/20199.00pmMain RoadMalayan CivetCrossing road
15/12/20198.20pmMain RoadBearded PigFeeding Fallen fruits
15/12/20193.55pmEast TrailRed Leaf MonkeyMoving and feeding
15/12/201911.15amSouth TrailHelmeted HornbillFlying over
15/12/201910.40amSouth TrailLong-tailed MacaqueInteracting and moving from tree to tree
15/12/20199.30amSouth TrailBornean OrangutanFeeding
15/12/20198.30amSouth TrailBornean OrangutanFeeding Fruit
14/12/20199.15pmNature TrailMalayan CivetCrossing the trail
14/12/20198.45pmNature TrailBrown Wood OwlPerching at the branch
14/12/201911.15amSouth TrailShort-Tailed MacaqueMoving around
14/12/201910.35amSouth TrailPrevost's SquirrelFeeding
14/12/201910.05amSouth TrailBornean OrangutanFeeding
14/12/20198.40amNature TrailLong-tailed MacaqueInteracting
14/12/20198.20amNature TrailNorth Borneon GibbonFeeding & making terminal call
13/12/20199.15pmMain RoadSmall-toothed Palm CivetFeeding
13/12/20198.55pmMain RoadLesser MousedeerFeeding
13/12/20198.40pmMain RoadSambar DeerFeeding
13/12/20198.20pmMain RoadRed-flying squirrelGliding from one tree to another
13/12/201911.15amSouth TrailBornean Orangutan
13/12/20199.30amNorth TrailLong-tailed MacaqueResting and Feeding
12/12/20199.00pmOrchid TrailSambar DeerFeeding
12/12/20194.40pmNature Trail (Rivenne)Long-tailed MacaqueFeeding and resting
11/12/20199.30am300mMain RoadPrevost's SquirrelFeeding
11/12/20199.15am500mMain RoadLong-tailed MacaqueFeeding and resting
11/12/20198.15m200mTambun Trail( Camping Ground)Bornean OrangutanFeeding
11/12/20196.50am100mNature TrailLong-tailed MacaqueFeeding
11/12/20196.25am200mNature TrailBinturong ( Bear Cat) FemaleFeeding on watermelon
10/12/20199.00pmMain roadSlow LorisFeeding
10/12/20198.56pmMain roadColugoGliding from tree to tree
10/12/20195.40pmSegama BridgeLong-tailed MacaqueMoving from banks to bushes
10/12/20194.45pm1kmCoffin TrailBornean OrangutanFeeding and back to nest
10/12/20194.20pm1kmCoffin TrailBornean OrangutanFeeding on figs tree
10/12/201911.55am10mNature TrailLong-Tailed MacaqueFeeding and Resting
10/12/201910.30am1kmTongkat Ali TrailNorth Borneon GibbonSwinging and Feeding
10/12/20198.15am200mTambun Trail( Camping Ground)North Borneon GibbonMoving from tree to tree
13/11/20199.00am100mCamping GroundRed Leaf Monkey
Secondary Forest, moving (all male bachelor)
13/11/20196.00am50mCamping GroundNorth Bornean Gibbon
Secondary Forest, long call and swinging from tree to tree
12/11/20198.50pm200mNature TrailHorseshoe BatPrimary forest, resting inside dead log
12/11/20198.20pm60mNature Trail Greater Mouse DeerPrimary forest, searching for food
12/11/20193.40pm250mCamping GroundGiant SquirrelSecondary forest, jumping from tree to tree
12/11/20193.30pm200mCamping GroundPrevost SquirrelSecondary Forest, Feeding at the bank
12/11/20196.20am500mTongkat Ali TrailNorth Bornean GibbonPrimary Forest, making long call and swinging from tree to tree
11/11/20198.40pmGazeebo TrailSambar DeerResting, Secondary Forest
11/11/20195.00pm1.7kmCoffin TrailRed Leaf MonkeyCrossing the river (on the log)
11/11/20196.00am200mRoadNorth Bornean GibbonSecondary Forest, long call ( new born baby )
10/11/201910.20pm400mRoad (Night Drive)Slow LorisSecondary Forest, Feeding
10/11/20199.50pm6.1kmRoad ( Night Drive)Binturong (Bear Cat)Secondary Forest, resting on branches
10/11/20199.40pm5.0kmRoad (Night Drive)Island Palm Civet (Common palm civet)Secondary Forest, crossing the road
10/11/20199.30pm4.5kmRoad (Night Drive)Leopard CatSecondary Forest, Hunting frogs along the road
10/11/20199.15pm3.5kmRoad (Night Drive)Red Giant Flying SquirrelSecondary Forest, Glide (on flight from tree to tree)
10/11/20199.00pm3kmRoad (Night Drive)Bornean Striped Palm CivetSecondary Forest, mating
10/11/20198.45pm2kmRoad (Night Drive)Colugo (Morph) & Colugo (Common)Secondary forest, resting (morph) & (common) feeding on the tree.
10/11/20193.50pm1800mSegama Bridge (West Trail)Red Leaf MonkeyPrimary rainforest, feeding on liana leaves
19/10/201911.45amObservation Tower / Main RoadLong-Tailed MacaqueSecondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
19/10/201911.45amObservation Tower / Main RoadNorth Borneon GibbonSecondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
18/10/20195.45pmCoffin TrailLong-Tailed MacaquePrimary rainforest
18/10/201911.30amTongkat Ali / Nature TrailLong-Tailed MacaquePrimary rainforest
17/10/20193.30pmNature / Tembaling TrailHornbill (Rhino / Wrinkled / Black)Primary rainforest
17/10/20193.30pmNature / Tembaling TrailRed-Leaf MonkeyPrimary rainforest
15/10/20199.30am200mDVFC CampsiteRed-Leaf MonkeyFeeding on young leaves, playing with North-Borneon Gibbons / secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
15/10/20199.30am200mDVFC CampsiteNorth Borneon GibbonPlaying with red-leaf monkeys / secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
15/10/20196.30am400mDVFC Main RoadPrevost's Squirrel or Callosciurus prevostiiForaging for food / secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
06/10/20198.47pm40mEast TrailMalayopython reticulatus or Reticulated PythonA 4-metre female python, lurking in the forest, stalking its prey / in a hunting position
06/10/20194.33pm600mDVFC Main RoadRed-Leaf MonkeyRelaxing in the trees, feeding on Aglaia luzoniensis young stems
06/10/20196.10am300mDFVC Main RoadRed-Leaf MonkeyPlantigrade locomotion by the roadside
27/9/20192030hrs500mNature Trail (Riverine)Mouse deerResting behind some shrubs / primary rainforest / about 200m from Segama River
27/9/20191550hrs1kmCoffin TrailRed-Leaf MonkeySeeking shelter from the rain, by hiding in a very big tree / primary rainforest
27/9/20190940hrs2kmWest TrailBearded PigA mother with her babies / looking for food / primary rainforest
27/9/20190940hrs2kmWest TrailRed-Leaf MonkeyFeeding on young leaves / primary rainforest
27/9/20190600hrs300mNature TrailNorth Borneon GibbonVocalizations / territorial call / feeding on leaves or fruits / primary rainforest / close to Segama River
26/9/20192000hrsDVFC main roadPythonCrossing the road / disturbed area
26/9/20192000hrsDVFC main roadSambar deerFeeding on leaves by the roadside / disturbed area
26/9/20192000hrsDVFC main roadColugoResting / disturbed area
26/9/20192000hrsDVFC main roadCommon Palm CivetFeeding on fruits / disturbed area
26/9/20191650hrs200mWest TrailOrang UtanFeeding on fruits or leaves / primary rainforest
26/9/20191540hrs100mSegama BridgeRed-Leaf MonkeyFeeding on leaves or fruits / playing with each other / disturbed area / close to Segama River
26/9/20190940hrs2.5kmTembaling TrailSun BearWandering / looking for food / primary rainforest / hilly area
26/9/20190830hrs400mTembaling TrailNorth Borneon GibbonFeeding on leaves or fruits / playing with each other / primary rainforest
25/9/20198.45 PM200MOrchid TrailLesser Mouse DeerFeeding on figs / disturbed area
25/9/20194.00 PM300MCoffin TrailOrang UtanFeeding on fruits / primary rainforest / Close to Segama River
25/9/20199.00 AM2.5KMSouth TrailNorth Borneon GibbonResting on a short tree / primary rainforest / Close to Segama River
25/9/20196.30 AM300MRiverine Trail (Nature Trail)North Borneon GibbonVocalizations / territorial call / feeding on leaves or fruits / disturbed area / Close to Segama River
24/9/20198.00 PM500MDVFC main roadColugoResting by the roadside / secondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
24/9/20198.00 PM500MDVFC main roadMalay CivetFeeding on frogs / insects / secondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
24/9/20198.00 PM500MDVFC main roadBanded CivetFeeding on insects / secondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
24/9/20198.00 PM500MDVFC main roadSambar deerResting by the roadside / secondary forest, close to road / disturbed area
24/9/20193.30 PM10 MDVFC dining areaRed-Leaf MonkeyFeeding on Lansium parasiticum or langsat / disturbed area
24/9/20199.30 AM700MNature TrailLong-tailed macaquesFeeding on figs / fighting with North-Borneon Gibbons / Disturbed area / Close to Tambun River
24/9/20199.30 AM700MNature TrailNorth Borneon GibbonFeeding on leaves / fighting with macaques / disturbed area / Close to Tambun River
19/9/20195.18 PM300MCoffin TrailOrang-utanFeeding on chestnuts; first sighting after almost 3 weeks, probably because of the fruiting season
19/9/20196.50 AM500MCampsite areaNorth Borneon GibbonVocalizations / territorial call / brachiating / playing with one another
19/9/20196.17 AM100MRoad to campsiteRed-Leaf MonkeyFeeding on fruits or leaves / vocalizations / brachiating / playing with one another
18/9/20196.53 AM400MNature TrailNorth Borneon GibbonVocalizations / territorial call / brachiating / playing with one another
17/9/20193.07 PM100MRoad to campsiteRed-Leaf MonkeyRelaxing
25/8/198.10 PM200MGazebo TrailBronzeback Tree SnakeResting; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
25/8/194.00 PM400MCoffin TrailOrang UtanA mother and her baby; feeding on wild fruits of unknown species / kind; primary forest / close to Segama River
25/8/193.40 PM100MDVFC ResthouseRed Leaf MonkeyFeeding on wild rambutans; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
25/8/1950MNature TrailLong-Tailed MacaqueFeeding on leaves, fighting; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
25/8/1950MNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyFeeding on leaves; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
25/8/198.10 AM50MNature TrailNorth Borneo GibbonFeeding on meritam fruits (wild fruits); secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/19Red Giant Flying SquirrelOn the move; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/19Leopard CatOn the move; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/196.45 PMDVFC Main RoadMalay CivetOn the move; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/193.30 PM500MCampsite AreaRed Leaf MonkeyFeeding on wild fruits; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/198.30 AM1KMNature TrailNorth Borneon GibbonFeeding on wild fruits; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
24/8/196.00 AM500MDVFC Main RoadRed Leaf MonkeyFeeding on young leaves; secondary forest, close to the road / disturbed area
16/8/194.30 PM150MPurut Rhino TrailOrang Utan2 mothers with their babies; feeding on fruits, on the same Menggaris Tree
16/8/196.31AM400MNature TrailNorth Bornean GibbonA small troop of NBGs; feeding on wild rambutans
16/8/196.26 AM400MNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyA small troop of RLMs; feeding on fruits / seeds
14/8/194:30: PM150MPurut Rhino TrailOrangutan2 mothers with 3 babies in one single Mengoris tree
14/8/196:31: AM400MNature TrailNorth Bornean GibbonHunting
14/8/196:26: AM400MNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyEating
13/8/197:10: AM100MJambatan SegamaRed Leaf Monkey
13/8/196:40: AM200MNature TrailNorth Bornean Gibbon
12/8/191:15: PM300MNature TrailMouse Deer
12/8/191:00: PM300MNature TrailWestern Tarsier
12/8/198:50: AM900MRiverain TrailNorth Bornean Gibbon
9/8/198:55: PM700MEast TrailMouse Deer
9/8/1910:36: AM500MWest TrailBornean Gibbon
9/8/196:00: AMCentreNorth Bornean Gibbon
8/8/195:11: PM500MCoffin TrailOrangutan
8/8/193:20: PM200MCoffin TrailOrangutan
8/8/1910:26: AM150MPurut TrailOrangutan
8/8/1910:10: AMCampsiteRed Leaf Monkey
8/8/196:45: AM150MPurut TrailOrangutan
4:50: PM700MEast TrailOrangutan
7/8/194:26: PM100MRoadRed Leaf Monkey
7/8/193:21: PM200MNature TrailNorth Bornean Gibbon
7/8/196:25: AM500MWest TrailOrangutan
6/8/199:50: AM200MWest TrailOrangutan
6/8/199:10: AMRed Leaf Monkey
6/8/196:00: AMArea CentreNorth Bornean Gibbon
5/8/196:45: PM500MCoffin TrailOrangutan
5/8/193:15: PMCampsiteRed Leaf Monkey
5/8/193:15: PMCampsiteNorth Bornean Gibbon
5/8/193:15: PMCampsiteLong Tailed Macaques
5/8/198:58: AMCampsiteNorth Bornean Gibbon
5/8/198:42: AM50MOrchid TrailRed Leaf Monkey
4/8/1910:41: AMClose to the centreBornean Gibbon
4/8/1910:11: AM300mTembaling TrailRed Leaf Monkey
3/8/198:00: PMNature TrailWestern Tarsier
3/8/194:07: PMNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyOn the Nature Trail bridge
3/8/196:00: AMWest TrailLong Tailed Macaques
3/8/196:00: AMWest TrailRed Leaf Monkey
2/8/198:40: AM150MPurut TrailOrangutan
2/8/197:30: AMCampsiteRed Leaf Monkey
2/8/196:18: AM200MNature TrailBornean Gibbon
2/8/198:30: PMMain RoadSmall football plam civet
2/8/198:00: PMMain RoadSlow Loris
2/8/198:00: PMMain RoadBorneon Vocal Owl
2/8/198:00: PMMain RoadFlying Lemur
2/8/1911:30: AMRhino TrailRed Giant Flying Squirrel
2/8/1911:30: AMRhino TrailRed Leaf Monkey
2/8/1911:30: AMRhino TrailOrangutanMale baby
2/8/198:00: AMRhino TrailRhinoceros Hornbill
2/8/198:00: AMRhino TrailGiant Squirrel
1/8/198:00: PMOrchid TrailFile Bared Tree FrogHunting
1/8/198:00: PMOrchid TrailGreater Mousedeer
1/8/198:00: PMOrchid TrailBlack Headed PittaResting
1/8/193.30 PMWest TrailOrangutanFeeding on Kondolon (alangium javanicum)
1/8/196:30: AMGreat ArgusMale
1/8/196:30: AMCoffin TrailBornean BristlehoodCalling
1/8/198:06: PM50MFruit TrailRanee MouseSecondary forest, close to the road
1/8/195:00: PMRoadRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest, close to the road
1/8/193:51: PM500MWest TrailOrangutanPrimary forest
1/8/1911:00: AM3KMRhino Pool TrailBornean GibbonPrimary forest
1/8/198:00: AM200MPurut TrailOrangutanMoving, looking for fruits, primary forest
30/7/194:00: PM500MWest TrailBornean GibbonsPrimary rainforest
30/7/1911:40: AMHostelOrangutanClose to the hostel
30/7/196:35: AMStaff housesRed leaf MonkeyClose to the staff quarters
30/7/196:00: AM100MRoadBornean GibbonsClose to Segama Bridge
30/7/195:00: PM180MRoadRed leaf Monkey
30/7/1910:00: AMClose to hostelOrangutanSecondary forest, young female
30/7/196:00: AM300MCoffin TrailOrangutanPrimary rainforest
29/7/195:15: PM1KMRoadRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest
28/7/194:40: PM300MNature TrailOrangutanClose to Segama river
28/7/198:31: AM20MNature TrailRed Leaf Monkey
28/7/196:27: AM150MRoadBorneon Gibbon
28/7/196:15: AM200MRoadRed leaf MonkeySegama River beach
26/7/197:00: AM200MNature TrailOrangutanClose to the Observation Tower
25/7/195:00: PM1KMRoadRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest, close to the road
25/7/199:00: AMNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyNear Tambun river
25/7/198:30: AMCamping GroundBornean GibbonsNear the campsite
24/7/194:50: PM200MRoadLong tailed Macaque
24/7/194:30: PM1KMRoadRed leaf MonkeySecondary forest
24/7/199:20: AM250MNature TrailPrevost Squirrel
24/7/199:15: AM200MNature TrailLong tail MacaqueClose to the Observation Tower
24/7/198:10: AM100MRiver TrailRed leaf MonkeySecondary forest, close to the field centre
24/7/196:00: AMField CentreBorneoan GibbonA troop / family was spotted near the Field Centre
23/7/195:10: PM1KMRoadRed Leaf MonkeySecondary forest
23/7/194:00: PM100mRhino Pool TrailOrangutanClose to the river
23/7/193:23: PMRoadBearded PigClose to the Rest House
21/7/198:00: PMWest TrailOrangutan
20/7/198:00: PMRhino Pool TrailSsambar Deer
20/7/198:00: PMRhino Pool TrailAngle Headed Foot Lizard
20/7/198:00: PMRhino Pool TrailFile Eared Tree Frog
20/7/193:30: PMRhino Pool TrailRed leaf Monkey
20/7/193:30: PMRhino Pool TrailOrangutan
20/7/198:00: AMCoffin TrailOrangutan
20/7/197:00: AMNature TrailNorthern Grey Gibbon
20/7/196:00: AMNature TrailOrangutanVery shy
19/7/196:00: PMNight DriveSambar Deer
19/7/196:00: PMNight DriveFlying Squirrel
19/7/193:30: PMNature TrailOrang Utan
19/7/198:45: AMWest TrailRed Leaf Monkey
19/7/198:30: AMWest TrailGiant Mouse deer
19/7/196:00: AMNature TrailWild boar pig
19/7/196:00: AMNature TrailRed Leaf Monkey
18/7/198:50: AMNature TrailRed Leaf Monkey
18/7/198:00: AMEast TrailFiled Eared Tree Frog
18/7/198:00: AMEast TrailElegant bronzeback snake
18/7/198:00: AMEast TrailWestern TarsierAbout 2.5 metres above the ground
17/7/198:00: AMRhino Pool TrailRed Leaf Monkey
17/7/198:00: AMRhino Pool TrailGiant SquirrelSpotted along Nature Trail
17/7/198:00: AMRhino Pool TrailOrang utan
17/7/196:00: AMMain roadNorthen Gray GibbonAbout 40 metres above the ground
16/7/198:00: PMGazebo TrailWild boar pig
16/7/198:00: PMGazebo TrailMouse DeerThe weather was changing; light rain
16/7/198:00: PMOrchid TrailSambar DeerThe weather was changing; light rain
16/7/194:00: PMNature TrailHelmeted Hornbill
16/7/194:00: PMNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyOn the move
14/7/20198:30: AMCampsiteRed Leaf Monkey
14/7/20198:30: AMCampsiteNorth Borneon GibbonThe mother was playing with the baby
14/7/20196:00: AMCampsiteNorth Borneon GibbonThe male and female were 30 meters apart from each other
13/7/201911:40: AMRed Leaf Monkey
13/7/201911:40: AM700mRhino/TembalingOrangutanSeen with a stick in its mouth
13/7/20198:15: AM500mRhino PoolOrangutanOnly spotted the baby and the mother was not around
13/7/20198:05: AM300mRhino PoolOrangutanThe same orangutan found on the same fruiting tree yesterday
12/7/20198:00: PMNightwak at riverside trailGiant Centipede
12/7/20198:30: AMRed leaf monkey
12/7/20198:30: AMNature TrailRhinoceros hornbill
12/7/20196:30: AMOrangutan
12/7/20196:30: AMBorneon Gibbon
12/7/20194:40: PM50mNext to NurseryRed Leaf MonkeyRelaxing, habituated
12/7/20193:15: PM300mRhino - PurutRed Leaf MonkeySharing the same fruiting tree with the orangutan
12/7/20193:05: PM300mRhino - PurutOrangutan3 mothers, 2 babies, in one single fruiting tree.
11/7/20198:00: PMMain roadYellow belled prinia
11/7/20198:00: PMMain roadOriented Pied Hornbill
11/7/20198:00: PMMain roadSambar Deer
11/7/20193:00: PMTongkat Ali TrailOrang utan
11/7/20198:05: AMCoffin TrailRhinoceros hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros)
11/7/20198:05: AMCoffin TrailGreat Argus
10/7/201910:00: PMCampsiteBorneon Gibbon
10/7/20199:00: PMNight Walk at Nature trailAngle Headed Foot Lizard
10/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk at Nature trailKukri Snake SppA very colourful snake
10/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk at Nature trailHooted PittaAbout 5 metres from above the ground
10/7/20193:00: PMWest TrailOrang utanAbout 30 metres from above the ground, squatting around west.
10/7/20193:00: PMTongkat Ali TrailRed Leaf MonkeyClose to the mango trees
8/7/20199:00: AMEast TrailRed Leaf Monkey
8/7/20196:15: AMCampsiteCrested Firebeck
8/7/20196:00: AMCampsiteNorthern Grey Gibbon
7/7/20199:00: PMNight DriveMalay Civet
7/7/20198:15: PMNight DriveFlying Squirrel
7/7/20198:00: PMNight DriveLeopard Cat
7/7/20193:30: PMWest TrailRed Leaf Monkey
7/7/20193:20: PMWest TrailOrang utan ( Male )
7/7/20198:30: AMOrchid TrailRed Leaf Monkey
7/7/20196:10: AMOrchid TrailRed Leaf MonkeyEating and playing
6/7/20194:45: PMCentreGroup of Long tailed Macaque
6/7/20193:45: PMMain RoadBearded Pig
6/7/20196:00: AMMain RoadNorthern Gray GibbonOne of the adults was seen protecting its baby from Red Leaf Monkeys
5/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk , main roadIsland Palm Civet
5/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk , main roadSlow LorisSpotted at Binuang Tree ( Octomeles sumatrana )
5/7/20193:00: PMEast Trail - HostelBornean GibbonsFeeding
5/7/20198:00: AMNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeySpotted at campsite area
5/7/20198:00: AMNature TrailLong tail Macaque
5/7/20198:00: AMNature TrailOrang Utan
4/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk, Nature trailSambar Deer
4/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk, Nature trailBlue headed pittaOnly 1 metre above the ground
4/7/20198:00: PMNight Walk, Nature trailFlying Lemur or Colugo
4/7/201911:00: AMWest TrailOrang utanWas seen teaching its young how to make a nest
3/7/20199:00: AMMain roadScarlet rumped trogon
3/7/20199:00: AMMain roadBornean Bristlehead
2/7/20197:44: PMNight WalkMalayan Taruntula
2/7/20197:44: PMNight WalkSambar Deer
2/7/20197:44: PMNight WalkLeopard CatThe weather was a bit cold, it rained the whole night
2/7/20195:00: PMEast Trail (Segma bridge)Smooth Coated Otter
2/7/201911:00: AMRiver Cruise TrailBlack Squirrel
2/7/20198:20: AMRiver Cruise TrailLarge Green Pigeon
2/7/20198:20: AMCampsiteRed Leaf Monkey
2/7/20198:20: AMCampsiteNorthern Gray Gibbon
1/7/20198:00: PMNight WalkWild boar / bearded pig
1/7/20198:00: PMNight WalkSambar Deer
1/7/20198:00: PMNight WalkGreater mouse deer
1/7/20198:00: PMNight WalkBlack Headed Pitta
1/7/20193:00: PMCampsiteOriented Hornbill
1/7/20193:00: PMCampsiteRed Giant Flying Squirrel
1/7/20193:00: PMWest TrailOrang utanTeaching the young how to make their nest
1/7/20197:21: AMEast TrailRed Leaf Monkey
1/7/20197:21: AMCampsiteNorthern Gray Gibbon
30/6/196:45: PMNight Drivepalm civet
30/6/196:45: PMNight DriveSambar Deer
30/6/196:45: PMNight DriveRed Giant Flying Squirrel
30/6/196:45: PMNight DriveSlow LorisSpotted at Laran Tree (Neolamarckia cadamba)
30/6/193:00: PMCoffin TrailMale Great ArgusCalling at Dancing Ground
30/6/198.00 AMTongkat Ali TrailRed Leaf MonkeyBaccaurrea Spp Fruit ( Kunau Kunau )
30/6/198.00 AMTongkat Ali TrailNorthern Gray Gibbon
30/6/196.00 AMDVFC CentreBlack Hornbill
30/6/196.00 AMDVFC CentreGiant Squirrel
30/6/196.00 AMDVFC CentreBlack Squirrel
29/6/199.00 AM300mRhino PoolOrang utanPrimary forest
29/6/198:00: AM200mRhino PoolRed Leaf MonkeyPrimary forest
29/6/198.00AM10mRhino PoolRed Leaf monkeyPrimary forest
28/6/199.00AM300mCoffin TrailHorse-trailed SquirrelPrimary forest
28/6/198:45: AM150mCoffin TrailBornean Pigmy SquirrelPrimary forest
28/6/196:15: AM50mWest TrailOrang utanPrimary forest
26/6/195:00: PM900mSegama RiverOrang UtanNear the river, it was drizzling
26/6/193:30: PM100mRoadLong Tailed MacaqueNear the river
26/6/199:20: AM600mTongkat Ali TrailNorth Borneon GibbonHilly place, far from the river
26/6/198:45: AM300mNature trailRed leaf monkeyHilly place, far from the river
25/9/198:40: PM300mNature trailLeopord catNear the river
25/6/195:30: PM100mWest Trailyoung Orang UtanNear the river, seen in the canopy of trees
25/6/195:00: PM500mRoadRed Leaf monkeyNear the river
25/6/194:00: PM700mEast TrailGreat ArgusHiily area
25/6/1910:00: AM800mNature trailRed Leaf monkeyNear the river
25/6/198:30: AM300mNature trailLong Tailed MacaqueNear Tambun River
24/6/198:15: PM900mEast TrailMalay civetNear the river
24/6/194:50: PM700mRoadOrang Utan (Female)Spotted just by the side of the road, near the river
24/6/193:30: PM400mWest TrailOrang UtanNear river
24/6/1910:55: AM200mSegama RiverSmooth Coated otterSegama River, in the water
24/6/1910:00: AM700mEast TrailGreat ArgusHilly place, far from the river
23/6/194.40 AM400mRoadRed Leaf monkeyNear the river, primary forest
23/6/193:50: PM400mWest trailOrang UtanNear the river, primary forest
22/6/198:00: AMWest trailOrang UtanLight rain
21/6/198:45: PMLeoppord Cat
21/6/198:45: PMSambar deerClear night
21/6/198:45: PMbuffy fish bowlClear night
21/6/197:30: PM1kmMain RoadSlug eating snakeClear night
21/6/198:00: AMGrant SquirellSunny
21/6/198:00: AMPrevost's squirelSunny
21/6/198:00: AM2.1kmRhino Peak TrailNorth borneon gibbonSunny
20/6/198:30: PMDining hallRed Leaf monkey
20/6/198:30: PMEast trailRed Leaf monkeyCloudy, it was drizzling / raining lightly
19/6/198:30: PMKM 3Main roadLeopord cat
19/6/198:05: PMKM 5Main roadSlow Loris
19/6/197:50: PMKM 7Main roadBonded Palm Civet
19/6/194:30: PM1.2kmMengaris trailHelmeted hornbill
19/6/198:15: AMNear receptionOrang utan
19/6/196:45: AMHostel areaRed leaf monkey
19/6/196:30: AMLaundry areaBorneon Gibbon
18/6/195:00: PM700mHostel areaRed leaf monkey
18/6/194:00: PMCoffin trailBorneon Bristlehead
18/6/196:30: AM600mObservation tower(Tambalin)Borneon Gibbon
15/6/195:30: PM400mMain roadOrang UtanThey were seen nesting earlier than usual, were collecting lots of leaves
15/6/194:30: PM300mMain roadRed leaf monkeyMoving around
16/6/194:20: PM70mClose to camping groudBorneon gibbonPrimary rainforest
16/6/196:30: AM300mDVFC Main roadOrang Utan (Female)Disturbed area, 50m away from Segama River
15/6/198:00: PM-DVFC Main roadRed giant flying squirellDisturbed area
15/6/198:00: PM7kmDVFC Main roadSambar deerDisturbed area
15/6/193:20: PM300MDVFC Main roadRed leaf monkeyDisturbed area, 100m away from Segama river
15/6/193:50: PM350mDVFC Main roadOrang Utan (Female)Disturbed area, 50m away from Segama River
15/6/199:10: AM1.5kmTongkat AliBornean GibbonPrimary rainforest
15/6/198:20: AM650mTongkat AliRed leaf monkeyPrimary rainforest
14/6/198:20: PM500mDVFC RoadSlow LorisDisturbed area, 400m away from segama river
14/6/196:30: AM400mDVFC Main roadOrang Utan (Female)Disturbed area, 500m away from Segama river
14/5/198:10: AM30mOrchid TrailsRed Leaf Monkey
14/5/198:10: AM30mOrchid TrailsNorth-Bornean GibbonFeeding ficus stupenda
13/5/194:30: PM800mDanum Main R.Red Leaf MonkeySpotted just by the side of the road
13/5/199:30: AM500mWest 3OrangutanFeeding on ficus puntata
9/5/20194:40: PM270mTree PlatformRed Leaf Monkey
9/5/20193:50: PM140mCoffin TrailOrangutanVery near to the river
1/5/20196:57: PM200mDVFC RoadLeopard CatYoung female: 6-7 years old
1/5/20193:55: PM50mCoffin TrailOrangutanClose to human territory / disturbed area
16/4/20195:00: PM1200mRoadRed Leaf MonkeyPrimary rainforest
16/4/20194:50: PM1600mCoffin TrailOrang Utan
16/4/201910:30: AMUlu Segama RiverSmall Clawed Otter
16/4/201910:00: AM1000mRoad (Hostel)Long Tail Macaque
16/4/20196:40: AM800mTambaling TrailOrang Utan
16/4/20196:35: AM300mTambaling TrailLong Tail Macaque
16/4/20196:25: AM80mNature TrailPrevost Squirrel
10/4/201910:15: PM6800mRoadBanded Palm Civet
10/4/201910:00: PM6500mRoadMarbled Cat
10/4/20199:15: PM2100mRoadThomas's Flying Squirrel
10/4/20199:00: PM4000mRoadBlack Flying Squirrel
10/4/20198:45: PMRoadMalay Civet
10/4/20194:20: PMFootball FieldLong Tailed Macaque
10/4/20194:00: PM1000mDVFC RoadRed Leaf Monkey2 troops of Red Leaf Monkeys
10/4/20198:40: AM200mEast TrailBorneon GibbonOn a Fig Tree
10/4/20198:20: AMCamping GroundRed Leaf Monkey
10/4/20197:30: AMCoffin TrailOrangutan
9/4/20198:30: PM300mCamping GroundBorneon GibbonA small troop of gibbons on the same tree
8/4/20198:00: PM100mNature TrailMouse Deer
8/4/20195:19: PMCoffin TrailPig Tail Macaque
8/4/20194:34: PMNature TrailGiant Squirrel
8/4/20193:30: PM100mRiverrain TrailRed Leaf Monkey
8/4/20193:15: PMTambun & Nature TrailLong Tail Macaque
8/4/20198:00: AMRest HouseBorneon Gibbon
7/4/20198:45: PM700mGazebo TrailMalay CivetVery near to the Resthouse
7/4/20198:20: PM200mCamping GroundStriped Palm CivetHiding in a very dense area
7/4/20193:50: PM2000mNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyJunction Riverrine trail, observation tour, high up on the trees
7/4/20198:45: AM20mRest HouseGibbonsHigh up on a tree, behind laundry area
7/4/20198:10: AM150mNature TrailOrangutanTambun River, high up on the trees
6/4/20198:20: PM1600mRoadCommon Palm Civet
6/4/20198:10: PM1500mRoadMalay Civet
6/4/20198:00: PMRoadSmall foot Palm Civet
6/4/20197:00: PM6000mPondColugoDusk Drive
6/4/20195:15: PM340mNature TrailOrangutan Mom & JuvenileFrom S bridge
6/4/20195:00: PM60mNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyTree Platform
6/4/201910:12: AM60mNature TrailOrangutanObservation tower
6/4/20199:35: AM80mNature TrailRed Leaf MonkeyObservation tower to the tree platform
6/4/20198:37: AM130mTongkat TrailBorneon GibbonTree Platform
6/4/20198:20: AM100mTongkat TrailGiant SquirrelFrom tree platform
5/4/20199:15: AMBanded Palm CivetClose to Flying Frog Pond
5/4/20198:40: AM400mOrkit TrailMouse Deer
5/4/20193:15: PMEast TrailBearded pigClose to the campsite
5/4/20199:00: PM7000mDVFC RoadLeopard CatDVFC Main road, close to trail
5/4/20198:20: PM2000mDVFC RoadLong Tail PorcupineDVFC Main road, close to the observation tower
5/4/20194:55: PM2700mEast TrailRed leaf monkeyOff trail / close to the river
2/4/20198:30: PM300mNature trailLesser Mousedeer
2/4/20195:00: PM350mDVFC main roadRed leaf langurClose to the river
1/4/201910:00: AM1800mAdventure TrailRed leaf langurClose to the river, on top of a short tree
1/4/20199:00: AM1000mAdventure TrailGibbonsHigh up in the canopy
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